Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

music not politics

Browsing through the bloggosphere leaded me to an amazing Second Life related project: music not politics. As the staff let us know they want a drama free zone in SL. I totally agree with that opinion because we all are quite too political. It doesn´t make sense to use our beautiful art skills - music, painting, photography, performing and whatever we are good at - for such a timewasting thing like politics. Artists should be busy with their art, housewifes with their house, mice with their cheese. Please don´t disturb our politicians at their important work with degenerated art. Tara Lopes, calling herself "president" of that ... hm ... of what? ... non-political-music-project? ... informs us about the intention:

"We stand by our name, it should be about MUSIC and not POLITICS. Music you want to sing along with, music that will bring a tear to your eyes or a smile to your face. Music that will capture the beauty of the world, and put it into notes and lyrics." 

 Well - thumbs off for this "drama free project". We have too much politics in our world but less tears and smiles. And a last word: Dear Miss President Tara Lopes, I guess the politicians of your country and in the whole world will be very happy about submissive subjects like you.