Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

scripts and stuff

That´s me - FirleFanz: Prepairing for my next exhibit and struggling with scripts. Owl Braveheart has invited me to show some artwork at Mahakesh - The Shadow. Actually I am struggling with scripts. They normally don´t what I want them to do. And they cause bad side effects. The region is set to "adult" so I had to change the preferences on my account to be able to reach the sim. Now I am an adult with a child avatar .... strange. But I will change again after that exhibit. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the vernissage: 08.01.2013

Freitag, 26. Juli 2013


I am member of the SL group Mental Health Awareness founded by Joshuan Banx. The last group meeting was about disorder and flashbacks and how to handle with flashbacks and self mutilation. The group is very active and well moderated by Joshuan. It is not leaded by professionals but each other can get positive feedback and / or share experiences.
This week´s meeting was about Asperger syndrome.
If you are interested in themes around health join the group and stay informed about meetings and links to useful websites.

Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

information about PTSD

I received a group message this afternoon that seemed to be interesting. They wanted to hold the group meeting in a region which introduces its visitors to the theme "PTDS" (post-traumatic stress disorder). The environment is designed combat and war related. I flew to the educational region before the group meeting because I was curious.
In the entrance you will get an HUD and it leads you through the area. It is not a game but it has game similar elements. Uniforms will be offered for male and female avatars. You can drive with a car and you can experience war scences with fights, deads and explosions. After that you can walk through a shopping mall as a civilian. Flashbacks suddenly will light up and so you can see what post-traumatic stress means in everyday life. The speaker explains the mental problems (depression, anxity, sleeplessness and some more).
My personal opinion?
It is a great opportunity we have in Second Life that we can make inner processes visible. But not only soldiers suffer from PTSD. Victims of rape, child abuse, bank robbery ... countless possibilities. So no need to highlight the army. I have the suspicion that they wanted promote the US army. They wanted promote the army by remind us of the American heroism.
Besides the positive aspects I have described I must say: thumbs down. Make less war and less people will suffer from PTSD.

Driving through an arabic zone

The traumatic trigger

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Visualisation of a flash back -
it an intensive experience similar
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