Montag, 15. April 2013

Seric Serupta

I spent the sunday evening on a service for Seric Serupta. Talia Serupta, his girl friend and life partner in SL  as well as in RL, had invited to the commemoration on Faery Crossing. They spent a lot of their common SL time on this fantasy sim. So many elves and fairies joined her. The visitors could enlight a candle swimming on the pond or they could enrole into the guest book to leave some verses for Seric.
I didn´t know Seric really good. He was shy and not that someone who showers you with words and blabla about this and that. When Talia told me about his death I was quite shocked. It was a bad surprise and too early for a young man to leave the world.  Born in 1978, member of the SL community since June 2009, he passed away on Easter. I met him first on City17, a rusted and grungy looking sim created by Trashmen Hax. I sold my damaged traffic signs there when Talia invited me to her virtual home in City17, where I talked to Seric.
I left him one last IM and I hope he will read it wherever he may be now. I am sure he looked at us yesterday and smiled ...

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