Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

import & export

In older posts I have written about my activities in OpenSim Metropolis. I am busy with preparing my next exhibition combimed with a German reading on 11th January. I didn´t want to eject only simple square buildings from my inventory to present my pictures so I decided to create a more interesting environment on my parcel with some furniture, cookies on a plate to please my guests, some arty stuff like a huge colour tube, a bird house instead of a classical gallery and so on. And it is so much work to create endless stuff again and again, once in Second Life and then in Metropolis. So I started looking for tutorials how to export SL creations to Metropolis. My first trys weren´t successful. One mistake was to use different viewers. I couldn´t enter the Metropolis grid with my Phoenix to which am used to. So I normally use the Phoenix for SL and the old fashioned but well working Hippo viewer for Metropolis. But to export stuff from one grid to another you have to use the same viewer in both worlds. Okay ... Here you find my own little tutorial. Click on the pictures to enlarge them and then repeat the steps in SL and OS.

This is the great art work I decided to export in one piece to Metropolis - a huge preserving jar, useful in both worlds to store pizza, cookies, gears or stamps and to keep them fresh and tasty for years. 

First step: click on the object and select "more" from the pie menue.

Do the same again - select "more".

Then select "import".

That will show you the folders on your computer. And in the red circle you can see an xml.file. Click on it.

You save it this way: some data with numbers - these are the textures - and some data with an xml.ending.

Logging out from SL and opening the viewer again, then choosing another grid - Metropolis in this case.

Here is my ugly Metropolis avatar. Now click on the upper bar and then "import" and again "import".

You will find the xml.file. Upload it. It makes sense to rename it before, to make it easier finding it again in your computer inventory.

First there will appear a little wooden cube well known as "primitve".

And tadaaaaaaa .... Metropolis changes the little cube into my artsy and delightful and world shaking bautiful preserving jar!

I did that now with some pieces and it mostly works good. It imports objects and textures made by me but it doesn´t carry scripts. So I had to copy the scripts seperately, saved them in a word document and pasted them in Metropolis in a new script folder. Then all the scripts ejecting into the objects and finished! Wonderful!

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