Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

diving into colours

Artist elros Tuominen shows colourful art in his gallery.

The black background forces the sculptures to show their colourfulambience.

Taking the teleport will give you an immersive art experience.

Tubular Gallery run by elros Tuominen

Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013


Cool blog about industrial surroundings and artificial photo shots at randonart by Stefan Kierek. I love the sepia pictures!


Artify the World on Friday, 11th was such a great fun! We staretd with a live reading by 4 authors and continued with my exhibit. The visitors hopped around the parcel to wathc my pictures and sculptures. Then the dj arrived and we danced not only between the art pieces but also ON them. The dancing farctals were forced to circle around by a script and it was possible to sit on them while the dance animation made the avatars moving. So dancing and circling around on art - a very new expirience for me in the virtual world. Thanks to the Metropolis team for supporting me!

Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

trip to Metrolpolis

Tonight I will be showing some art stuff in OpenSim Metropolis. Four authors are my guests on my little OS parcel - ChapTer Kronfeld, Kueperpunk korhonen, Dings Digital and Moewe Winkler. Starting 11 AM PDT.

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Gracie Kendal on LEA 15

Remeber Dali´s surreal pictures? The melting clock is installed on a huge cake.

Wandering over the sims let me reach Gracie Kendal´s big installation C´est ne pas une peinture. Gracie is now on LEA 15 showing her art. Wasting colours, forms and prims she gives the art consumer a surreal feeling while entering the the exhibit.

Sitting on a pose ball lets the avatar floating through the installation - an interactive piece of art

Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013


On sunday I opened my exhibition Firlefanz in the Galería México. Located in an old Aztecan temple in Virtual Mexico Owl Braveheart invited the audience to an amazing SL place. I had the chance to fill two floors with my art works so I made one bright in a pleaseant white and soft pink and one dark in minimalist black and white. I have found two blogs reporting about the exhibit:
As far as you still can fly to the gallery to have a look on my art I tried to catch the visitors looking on my pictures instead of catching my pictures. 

Two gentlemen discussing about art - ChapTer Kronfeld and Kueperpunk Korhonen

audience walking through the pictures

2nd floor 

1st floor





Ina Karura

The little prince? A gentlemean with the poetci sounding name Immerdar.

Cedrick entering the art


kjs Yip, artist


Literature hunter Kueperpunk


Gallery owner and curator Owl Braveheart

Levi from the Netherlands

Roman soldier Petrus


BukTom, blogger and passionate library owner


Xirana Oximoxi, artist


Vivian, the lady with the cute cat