Dienstag, 27. November 2012

torn in teleport

When I logged out everything´s okay. But logging in again showed me this weird picture: my avatar was torn in teleport! Ouch! So now we know what avatars have to suffer when we leave them alone in Second Life... 

Sonntag, 25. November 2012

elbow´s art

Elbow Muggins is showing some interesting art works at Two Shores of Gallery Fine Art http://slurl.com/secondlife/Magna%20Carta/220/18/36. Some are artificial arranged RL pictures and some digital composed pieces. I visited the vernissage yesterday and will be back some more times to enjoy the arrangements.
Have a look on his website to get an idea about his work.
And here you´ll find the main gallery.

it´s cold outside

Time for christmas trees and heart warming tea, cookies and candles ... Ascandr is a dystopian region and a bad place for spending one´s christmas. But if you prefere nightmare places than go to this abandoned technical station and walk lonely through an icy surrounding. 

It is a star wars role play area and a lot to discover. The owner recoomend the following:


Arkania is a frozen planet with subzero temperatures. Therefore please bear this mind when choosing your attire: being shirtless / wearing a skimpy top or other inappropriate dress will lead to rapid (IC) death! Warm attire as a minimum or preferably an environmental suit / armor (especially for prolonged expoure) is mandatory to survive here.

Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

comments on my last exhibit

I have read the public chat again with the comments the visitors made on my pictures. I didn´t copy any private messages so I hope it is okay to publish it here in my blog. I didn´t correct orthographic mistakes because I want you to read the original text and I don´t feel authorized to change anything. And you can read a short posting on Dings Digital´s blog and a bunch of visual impressions taken by BukTom Bloch.



[11:00]  Asmita Duranjaya: ah wieder so schöne Atmosphärenbilder von FirleFanz

[11:04]  FirleFanz Roxley: das Bild hier ist neu
[11:04]  FirleFanz Roxley: es heißt "step into nightmare"
[11:04]  Dings Digital: ein tolles bild
[11:05]  Dings Digital: man kann förmlich ins bild reinsteigen

[11:08]  ChapTer Kronfeld: kann ein kasper hauser die identische wirklichkeit empfinden, beim synchronen erfassen der umgebung, wie ein anderer der neben ihm steht und selben blickbereich hat

[11:09]  Ganzbaf Rasmuson: die katze am fenster ist klasse :)

[11:13]  ChapTer Kronfeld: Firle du könntest glatt mit Pinsel in RL illusionsmalerei betreiben

[11:14]  ChapTer Kronfeld: sehr stimmungsvoll, die 'tiefe' der morbiten themen

[11:16]  ChapTer Kronfeld: ist auch intressant, von dieser perspektive , zu betrachten
[11:16]  ChapTer Kronfeld: gewohnheitsmässig, ist ja der winkel von oben nach unten
[11:17]  ChapTer Kronfeld whispers: dieser Blickwinkel annimiert genauer hinzuschauen :)

[11:17]  Ginger Hadisson: deine arbeiten gefallen mir sehr

[11:18]  Cyhtleen Earhart (cyhtleen): ja da kann ich ginger nur recht geben

[11:20]  FirleFanz Roxley: bei diesen 3 bildern geht es darum, aus dem Rahemn zu fallen oder auch vor Zwängen zu fleihen
[11:20]  FirleFanz Roxley: das Übliche zu verlassen
[11:20]  FirleFanz Roxley: aber man macht dabei auch was kaputt
[11:20]  FirleFanz Roxley: das geht nicht ohne verletzungen

[11:21]  Dings Digital: ein großartiges thema, firle

[11:24]  Ginger Hadisson: aber echt gute arbeiten von FirleFanz

[11:25]  Kaffeeohnealles: ja, sehen wirklich toll aus :)

[11:26]  Ginger Hadisson: grossartige leistung FirleFanz
[11:27]  Dings Digital: ja! und dann so eine bandbreite!

[11:29]  ChapTer Kronfeld: gekonntes setzen der lichter, ist die halbe strecke zum perfeckten bild
[11:29]  ChapTer Kronfeld: und ich muß sagen, gekonnt gesetzt und damit Gefühle beim betrachter provozieren... ob man will oder nicht
[11:30]  ChapTer Kronfeld: faszinierend

[11:30]  Dings Digital: die abuse-ausstellung war auch sehr gut, firle

[11:32]  FirleFanz Roxley: hier sind rein digital erzeugte bilder
[11:32]  FirleFanz Roxley: der Mandala-Raum
[11:33]  BukTom Bloch: Schöne Fraben !
[11:33]  BukTom Bloch: :-)

[11:51]  Dings Digital: vielen dank, firle. es war sehr beeindruckend. ich muss mir das noch mal iin ruhe anschauen.

[11:52]  Cyhtleen Earhart (cyhtleen): ich werde mir die tage mal das nochmal in ruhe anschauen

[11:54]  ChapTer Kronfeld: Beeindruckt, bin ich Firle ... !!

[11:55]  Dings Digital: ganz starke ausstellung, firle. jede etage eine perle für sich

[11:55]  BukTom Bloch: Mächtig viel Arbeit das hier. Und Kreativität!

good night

Isn´t that lovely? You can get this daydream sofa for free in aki69´s shop. No need to join agroup, no waiting on a lucky chair! 

Dienstag, 13. November 2012


Last sunday was the opening of my exhibit FirleFanzerey. I choosed this name because I mixed my styles - digital art, fractals, SL snapshots, some RL pictures ... so firlefanzing with my stuff ... The audience was great: encouraging, interested, curious. I love it to lead them through my works. ArrowAndBow and Joachim Thor had invited me and after the opening the musicians came and played their rythms. If you missed the opening, don´t worry. It will be open for the next few weeks. Questions to my pictures? Please contact me and ask! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sezuan%20Moloko/23/39/2502
Uploading textures, creating prims, talking in IMs, hanging objects on the wall, ... Thousands of doings before opening the exhibit. And boum - being send into the pixelfree nirvana. 

Mr Kueperpunk himself came to watch my artworks

It was a great audience - encouraging, interested, curious.

I leaded them through the exhibit and enjoyed it a lot!

Mermaid in a can - little art joke made by FirleFanz
Sunday evening was my exhibit FirleFanzerey. I choosed this name because I mixed my styles - digital art, SL snapshots, some RL pictures. At least I was firlefanzing with my stuff.
I welcomed many visitors I never met before

Art on 5 floors. The visitors followed me via teleports. And after that the musicians played their rythms.

contest and gallery opening

Space4Art will be reopened on a new sim. For that the owners invite artists to send an artwork not bigger than 10 prims and 5x5x5 m. Motto is ambience. Deadline is Friday, December 7 midnight MET/3pm SLT. You can send the creation (permissions: modify and copy, no transfer) to Asmita Duranjaya. Finissage and winner anouncemet will be at the end of Decmeber. 3000 L$ for the first, 2000 L$ for the second and 1000 L$ for the third winner await you.

More questions? Ask one of the managers.

Asmita Duranjaya (curator and artist)
ChapTer Kronfeld (jury member and artist)
Moeuhane Sandalwood (jury member and artist)
Lilia Artis (jury member and artist)


Sonntag, 4. November 2012

art & music

Next sunday I will be showing my art work. I have build a small gallery up in the sky over the entschleunigt. Come around and enjoy 3 cool musicians: Pol Arida, Automatic Quandry and Krakov Letov. I have more than 1 floor to exhibit so I have added a lot of pictures and couldn´t decide which main theme it is. Sooooo..... tadaaaa .... I have decided to call my exhibition FirleFanzerey.

interactive art

"Separated by the same moonlight"

Elros Tuominen, artist from Spain, is actually showing some interesting and interactive art installations in the Artemis Gallery. You can click the works and sit on them.

"Golgota" . You know to which place the installation referrs? To the place where J.C. has been crucified.

Artemis Gallery


Okay. This is my second video and I am trying my best. Still no music but I am working on it. I´m looking forward to seeing your comments ("Wow worldshaking!!" or "What a shit") here on my blog.


A friend invited me to Metropolis. It is an open sim hypergrid. I have created an avatar today and logged in with the Hippo viewer. The picture shows me waiting for the train to bring me anywhere in the new metaversum ... I spend my first time in Metropolis with collecting freebies and they really have a lot! There is a kid´s community, too. They give away for free furniture, clothing, avatars, shoes, ... So you can walk through this virtual world without a dollar in your pocket. I didn´t met any other people. I felt like in my very first days in SL: No idea where to go, nobody to chat with, nothing to do there. I hope that will change .... I joined some groups to get hopefully some new contacts and I founded my own group - Kunstkraxler.
And as far as you are thinking about to get land there - the first 3 months are for free!


Freitag, 2. November 2012

Mad Pea - new design


Mad Pea appears in a new design and on a new location. On the starting point you can get a tour HUD to fly around.

A sad atmosphere, a bit apocalyptic - well, I love it !


the entrance

here you can get your HUD

child eating entrance - be careful!


a good place to hang around - the spooky carousel