Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

free art ... art for free

Artist Mathilde Varghon is giving away art work for free. Each piece is worth about 800 L$ - so free doesn´t mean worthless.

Enter the hidden gift area behind the blue door in M. Varghon´s main place at Two Shores Gallery of Fine Art to discover the gifts and then grab them! The RL artist from Great Britain has realeased 12 art works but you can only catch 1 per day. Coming back every day means you can get all 12 pictures or sculptures. You have to enrole into her subscriber - it doesn´t burden your group list. You can find the subscriber after entering the blue door next to that tp landing point. But HURRY ... we have day 6 now and every day the art work of the former day is removed. Only 6 gifts are available now. Deadline is 6th of January.

FirleFanz catched her christmas gift. Thanks to the artist!

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