Sonntag, 4. November 2012


A friend invited me to Metropolis. It is an open sim hypergrid. I have created an avatar today and logged in with the Hippo viewer. The picture shows me waiting for the train to bring me anywhere in the new metaversum ... I spend my first time in Metropolis with collecting freebies and they really have a lot! There is a kid´s community, too. They give away for free furniture, clothing, avatars, shoes, ... So you can walk through this virtual world without a dollar in your pocket. I didn´t met any other people. I felt like in my very first days in SL: No idea where to go, nobody to chat with, nothing to do there. I hope that will change .... I joined some groups to get hopefully some new contacts and I founded my own group - Kunstkraxler.
And as far as you are thinking about to get land there - the first 3 months are for free!

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