Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

who am I ?

This is my first try to work on the theme "sexual abuse" in an artistically way and it is my first short video. So not really worldshaking but a try. I will work on it ... Oh and I am interested in your comments on it !!!! So feel free to say what you  think about it - positive or negative.


BukTom Bloch hat gesagt…

Good. I think it hast the right length, good motif, coherent texts.
What means "wo"? Is meant "who"? And at the end - text is missing an "o" I think. "to" (!) Multipler Wirsing.
What about music? It needs useful music, I think. Better instrumental, sure.
Go on Firle! Good work!

ThK hat gesagt…

A disturbing topic. Illustrated with very intense images. Well done.

Apmel hat gesagt…

Brave. Keep it up!