Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012


BukTom Bloch has written a review to my exhibition "abuse". I will try to give a translation. It is a very complex text and not easy to transfer into German. Please forgive my poor English. You can read the original text on BukTom´s blog.

And that it was, that´s it! My personal highlight of the FdL 2012. You must dare to touch on such a subject. You must have the staying power to find so many different ways to express confusion, aberration, pain and desperation. Manual well done, fascinating in content, disturbing, forcing to pause. Sometimes nearly reserved and "only" critical of society in statement and question. But mostly upsetting, let you feel the pain, weird, latent threatening. Above all FirleFanz managed it to lead active through the exhibition and to explain  with prosaic words and in the open chat what  is was about  and  the variations of the horror. She did it in a very repoducible way so that you could open up the attidudes of the pictures. It would be a great pity if these   annotations disappeared. I hope that they will be written down and available in the future. 
Abuse destroys. Extremely. We should - we must - know that. Someone who has a premonition of abuse in his / her personal surrounding  must not close his / her eyes or heart. He / she must act! It is possible - anyhow. Standing ovations for FirleFanz! Thanks for this exhibit.

Thank you BukTom for your review. And following your advice I will try to write down my notes to the pictures.
Interested in having a look on my art work? The gallery of Chapter Kronfeld houses my personal view onto the world. 
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