Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

I am sailing ....

How to spend the Saturday in Second Life? I have got an invitation by Sven Homewood to a sailing trip. Fine wheather,  a light breeze and clear blue water made the day perfect for this. 

My water wings made the joint adventure safe.

Sailing around a light house

It was not so easy to play around with the windlight. I wanted to catch some shots with different  horizons but changing permanentely the sims means that the windlight was always hopping back to standard. 

And to potter around with the distance view produced a more funny but not  satisfying result.  My view reached a wider range but the boat was visible now. 

Did I tell you that it was a dangerous travel? This huge dino skeletton told about sunken worlds and magic times 

Sven Homewood, the captain

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