Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

censorship in Second Life

copyright by Firlefanz but now given out to the community. Feel free to copy this sign and use it for a protest aginst censorship and mutilation of art.  

Second Life is a free world full of possibilities to express yourself. It is a wide field for experimenting with art and culture. Hmmm ... Read the articvle on SL Newser and maybe you will change your meaning.  Bixyl Shuftan writes about artists and their audience (!) being banned from Burn2 - the first for making a disharmony spreading  build and the second for watching it. Read Apmel´s comment to the critical incident.

My own opinion? I didn´t take part in Burn2 - not as an artist, not as an audience member. Nevertheless I have an opinion. And following my addiction for democracy I have a suggestion for the next year:

The event manager seem to have no culture of democracy. I know only one adequate instrument against censorship: A big (and I mean BIG) protest of the community in 2013 e.g. no participation or a parallel event like a mass being caged in a huge Guantanamo jail! Should we tolerate Second Life becoming a democracy-free zone? Do we need culture popes dictating us what "good" culture is? 

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