Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

censorship in Second Life

copyright by Firlefanz but now given out to the community. Feel free to copy this sign and use it for a protest aginst censorship and mutilation of art.  

Second Life is a free world full of possibilities to express yourself. It is a wide field for experimenting with art and culture. Hmmm ... Read the articvle on SL Newser and maybe you will change your meaning.  Bixyl Shuftan writes about artists and their audience (!) being banned from Burn2 - the first for making a disharmony spreading  build and the second for watching it. Read Apmel´s comment to the critical incident.

My own opinion? I didn´t take part in Burn2 - not as an artist, not as an audience member. Nevertheless I have an opinion. And following my addiction for democracy I have a suggestion for the next year:

The event manager seem to have no culture of democracy. I know only one adequate instrument against censorship: A big (and I mean BIG) protest of the community in 2013 e.g. no participation or a parallel event like a mass being caged in a huge Guantanamo jail! Should we tolerate Second Life becoming a democracy-free zone? Do we need culture popes dictating us what "good" culture is? 

I am sailing ....

How to spend the Saturday in Second Life? I have got an invitation by Sven Homewood to a sailing trip. Fine wheather,  a light breeze and clear blue water made the day perfect for this. 

My water wings made the joint adventure safe.

Sailing around a light house

It was not so easy to play around with the windlight. I wanted to catch some shots with different  horizons but changing permanentely the sims means that the windlight was always hopping back to standard. 

And to potter around with the distance view produced a more funny but not  satisfying result.  My view reached a wider range but the boat was visible now. 

Did I tell you that it was a dangerous travel? This huge dino skeletton told about sunken worlds and magic times 

Sven Homewood, the captain

Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012


BukTom Bloch has written a review to my exhibition "abuse". I will try to give a translation. It is a very complex text and not easy to transfer into German. Please forgive my poor English. You can read the original text on BukTom´s blog.

And that it was, that´s it! My personal highlight of the FdL 2012. You must dare to touch on such a subject. You must have the staying power to find so many different ways to express confusion, aberration, pain and desperation. Manual well done, fascinating in content, disturbing, forcing to pause. Sometimes nearly reserved and "only" critical of society in statement and question. But mostly upsetting, let you feel the pain, weird, latent threatening. Above all FirleFanz managed it to lead active through the exhibition and to explain  with prosaic words and in the open chat what  is was about  and  the variations of the horror. She did it in a very repoducible way so that you could open up the attidudes of the pictures. It would be a great pity if these   annotations disappeared. I hope that they will be written down and available in the future. 
Abuse destroys. Extremely. We should - we must - know that. Someone who has a premonition of abuse in his / her personal surrounding  must not close his / her eyes or heart. He / she must act! It is possible - anyhow. Standing ovations for FirleFanz! Thanks for this exhibit.

Thank you BukTom for your review. And following your advice I will try to write down my notes to the pictures.
Interested in having a look on my art work? The gallery of Chapter Kronfeld houses my personal view onto the world. 
I am really interested in your opinion so feel free to comment here on the blog or in IM in Second Life, on facebook, twitter or whereever you will meet me.

Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

FdL on tour

Be careful: these pictures can trigger. Take it serious and think about if you can cope with the theme abuse!

This festival is quick and animates avatars to hop around. Nearly 80 musiscians and authors and artists take part, but there is MORE than only one location! Nearly every event is on a new place so we have to hurry up to run after them.
Tomorrow sunday 21st october I will exhibit at galleRy ART in Zurich. 6:30 SL time (15:30 Uhr MEZ). Hope to see you there, folks!
Oh and I had already two vernissages: One in the ArtPark in front of the Kafé KrümelKram and one in the KrümelKram gallery.

Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

shit happens

Woke up this morning and enjoying THIS view. Damn! Too much drinks the night before? Involved in a bank robbery? Or a walk in the middle of a highway? My memory doesn´t work anymore and my body is cold:

Uhhhh what a nightmare! I was walking through an abandoned and zombiefied asylum. Really good for taking nice shots.
The zombiefied nurse welcomes the visitors. Nice service!

Okay I am not that dead. Phew!
The dead legs weren´t mine. Good to know.

Male nurse eating patient or patient eating nuse? Who cares?

Oh and be careful! The streets are wasted with zombies, too!
I love you! yum yum yum

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

La Barorque showing her art work

La Baroque was born in August 2007. She loves photography and she starts indulging such an hobby in SL too, "catching" anything which gets her attention and fascinates her, transforming each of her snapshots into something as similar as possible to paintings using all kind of textures.

passed away

How to express your mourning? I have discovered a place in Second Life where people can express their mourning. Mike Bourleigh has created a place to remember our beloved ones. You can install a sign with some information about the deceased. It is kind of virtual graveyard. Are they forgotten? No. They are in our mind, in our heart, and they are in the collective memorial. The internet is a collective memorial. Why not using Second Life to keep the passed away family members and friends in mind ?

live painting

Tonight I visited the gallery at Instituto Espanol and met Genevieve Silvercloud. She gave me the link to an interesting video. Have a look and enjoy!

Maximillion Kleene and Genevieve Silvercloud at the Kasbah in Second Life from Demolicious Wonder on Vimeo.

who am I ?

This is my first try to work on the theme "sexual abuse" in an artistically way and it is my first short video. So not really worldshaking but a try. I will work on it ... Oh and I am interested in your comments on it !!!! So feel free to say what you  think about it - positive or negative.

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

art of protest

Quan Lavender invited to the exhibit art of protest. Betty Tureaud, CaraMia Quan, Corcosman Voom, Eupalinos Ugajin, Hugo Krell, London Junkers, Noni Abeyante, Pol Jarvinen, Queen Bish, Riali Sandalwood, Secret Rage, Silene Christen and Sisi Biederman were showing their works.

One of the works - Sisi Biederman´s installation My silent protest - is about child abuse and women´ s rights.
The show gets the official seal PERFECT. How does that work? The best recommendation for any kind of art in SL is when you are visited by SaveMe Oh. She only attends great exhibitions to disturb them.  Wearing a lot of nonsense and huge attachments she tried to cause lag and prevent visitors from having a look on the installations. One of the best tools my viewer offers is the derender function which make annoying objects disappear. Plopp!

wearing flowers ?

Philipp Wallach Blondheim is dead. Who is Philipp Wallach Blondheim? Better known as Scott McKenzie and always wearing flowers in his hair.  His song San Francisco (1967) was the hymn of the hippie movement of the 60ies. He suffered from the Guillain-Barré-Syndrom and reached an age of 73.
18th of august is the end of a life time dedicated to the hippie movement. He was member of the group The Mamas and the Papas. Good bye, Scott, and have a look on the hippies on earth.