Dienstag, 25. September 2012

Festival der Liebe

What is a festival of love? The funny title refers to a German Schlager from the 70ies. So does it mean free love? hippie way of life? marihuana? No! It is a 3 days lasting festival in Second Life with live music, art shows and author readings. The readings will be in German, music language is international and the language of art is global. Presenter is the literature group Brennende Buchstaben. I will take part with some art stuff, never shown so far neither in Second Life nor on Koinup nor on my blog. And it is not only one location which wants to be your landing point. Countless sims and gallerys and cafés are involved. So you have to hop from location to location. For further information join the inworld group BRENNENDE BUCHSTABEN or have a look on their blog.

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