Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

a very normal day

A morning in my bathroom: looking into the mirror shows me an image of an middle aged guy. And as every morning the guy in the mirror begins to die - blood running like tears from his eyes.

I decide to watch the news. The TV decides to talk to me. "Next we continue our political discussion about society. MY society. You are contaminating MY society. You are the most worthless person in the world. Kill yourself. NOW. Don´t continue contaminating MY society. Kill yourself. NOW."

Suddenly the floor in the living room disappears and I have to flee on a chair to not falling into the water.
I leave the TV and try to read the newspaper ...

... but it only wants to show me a single word.

It is time for my daily consultation hour.

Waiting for the nurse in the entrance I see the poster on the wall.
I do know that it is not a simple poster! It is talking to me, presenting a hidden message.
Walking to the doctor´s room ...

... I realised that the floor falls away and I have to hop from stone to stone.
Was that a story for a new horror movie? No. It is a project called "virtual hallucinations" initialised by researchers and students from the University of Queensland. It introduces visitors to the apperception of a schizophrenic mind. Entering the virtual clinic you are asked to wear a badge. It produces disturbing voices which tell you that you are a worthless person and lead you to dangerous activities like suicide. You can receive an impression how schizophrenic persons see the world.

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