Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

light & shadow vernissage

Last night was .... WOW! Simply wow! La Baroque and LookAtMy Back had invited me to Colore Art Gallery to show my work and they have hosted a great event. Visitors for more than two hours, an interested audience, partly funny, partly phylosophical discussions about art. My RL avie was pretty nervous and busy with hyperactive typing on the keyboard.  Thanks to all who came, who supported me with compliments and questions about my work and BIG thanks to Look and La - gallery owners, artist scouts, koinuppers, photographers, friends.

Deep in discussion: FirleFanz, nessuno Thespian, LookAtMy Back and the lady ... oh, she was made from concrete ?!?

... ah noooo ... it is La Grande Dame des Artes La Baroque

Phiosopher Dings Digital

Steampunky gentleman Kueperpunk Korhonen from the Kafé KrümelKram

Artist ChapTer Kronfeld

Kimm Paulino, great Koinupper and photographer

Lady in blue and artist with an eyecatching oevre Möwe Winkler

The visitors came from far away like ReginN from Japan ...

... and from heaven. Rasende Reporterin Quan Lavender.

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