Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

dark side and sunny side

Felona and Sorona - an artful designed sim with two sides. Like the human heart containing a good side and a dark side Felona and Sorona welcomes the virtual visitor with sunny wheather and a well cultivated landscape. But when the visitor walks along he / she will enter an abandoned rusted industrial surrrounding. The sim owner explains: Have you ever felt like a puppet imprisoned in schemes and aiming to set free? Have you? The sim is inspired by SL and RL events. The name is taken from the concept album "Felona e Sorona" released 1973 by the italian progressive rock band "Le Orme"

Felona and Sorona  - cutted into two pieces by a wall ...

Like a puppet - humans following the dark side of their souls

Apaocalyptic setting

The human heart - diveded into two parts. Not only location for positive feelings but for anxiety, hate, jealousy, too.

Worth to be visited - the gallery located in an old green house.

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