Freitag, 22. Juni 2012


The owner of the OrCafé - Orca Flotta - is offering a competion for all the artists and photographers in SL

A new concept in showcasing pieces of art:

               ~~~~~ GRID IN MOTION ~~~~~

The OrCafé is plannning on a new exhibition. And since OrCafé isn't just a gallery but a place to participate and get creative yourself I want to make the next expo to be not just to be about looking at other people's artwork but become the artist yourself!

I decided on the general theme of GRID IN MOTION. This is just a working title I may change, it will most probably.
What I wanna see are not the usual posed fashion shots and uberpretty landscapes but people/avies in action, moving about the grid. Avies using vehicles like boats, cars, bikes, planes, helis, rockets, starships, airships, hoverboards, skates, whatever. The means of transport isn't as important as the overall expression of movement as expressed in your photos.

It shall be an exhibition by many artists, so nobody has to fill the whole gallery with pics; one is enough to become part of the "movement". But let's not forget the art factor. I don't want to showcase just action shots but works of artistic value! You are free to use any means of postproduction.

I reserve the right to filter and toss pictures I deem unfitting.

For this exhibition I'll do the hanging myself so please send me just the unframed files/textures with a mention of the size/ratio (1x1, 4x3, 16x9 etc) with FULL PERMS. You just gotta trust me that I won't abuse them ;)

Some things to consider:
I guess you're all familiar with how to get the best quality in photos. For the exhibition I need some details though.
Full name of your avatar
Full name(s) of featured model(s), picture title, location (if available)
Please send your photo(s) in a notecard containing also those details. Name the notecard "in Motion - Your Name"

- Will I get paid?
No. But you may rez a tipjar and / or sell copies of your photo.
- Is my photo guaranteed to be exhibited?
- How much rights do I have to decide about how my photo is to be shown?
- Will it be great, fun, worthwile?
Yes, yes and yes!
- What do I have to do in order to participate?
Make the best photo(s), send it / them to Orc Flotta. Time to send pictures starts noe. Deadline will be 1st of september 2012. Opening of the exhibition is planned for end of september.

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