Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

building lot removed

For about two years we had a building lot in the Kafé KrümelKram but it was worth to wait for the new lounge. Now you can take a seat in a cozy reading room. Cuddly armchairs and sofas will invite you to have a break from your hectic SL life. I have added some nice details like a steampunky boiler, a vintage radio, an iron safe for storaging the mass of tips incoming to the group (hahaha), a display cabinet and a shelf for our books - not to be missed in a literature café! And the oven with the cooking lobster soup has moved from the gallery to the lounge. Together with the rusted heating it will bring warmness and heartiness to this victorian designed corner. Well ... the money wasn´t massive enough to buy a new table so I have taken a shutter from the flea market to add it on an empty cardboard box but it works! So feel free to join us in the Kafé KrümelKram and enjoy your literary first or second life!

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