Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

dark side and sunny side

Felona and Sorona - an artful designed sim with two sides. Like the human heart containing a good side and a dark side Felona and Sorona welcomes the virtual visitor with sunny wheather and a well cultivated landscape. But when the visitor walks along he / she will enter an abandoned rusted industrial surrrounding. The sim owner explains: Have you ever felt like a puppet imprisoned in schemes and aiming to set free? Have you? The sim is inspired by SL and RL events. The name is taken from the concept album "Felona e Sorona" released 1973 by the italian progressive rock band "Le Orme"

Felona and Sorona  - cutted into two pieces by a wall ...

Like a puppet - humans following the dark side of their souls

Apaocalyptic setting

The human heart - diveded into two parts. Not only location for positive feelings but for anxiety, hate, jealousy, too.

Worth to be visited - the gallery located in an old green house.

Freitag, 22. Juni 2012


The owner of the OrCafé - Orca Flotta - is offering a competion for all the artists and photographers in SL

A new concept in showcasing pieces of art:

               ~~~~~ GRID IN MOTION ~~~~~

The OrCafé is plannning on a new exhibition. And since OrCafé isn't just a gallery but a place to participate and get creative yourself I want to make the next expo to be not just to be about looking at other people's artwork but become the artist yourself!

I decided on the general theme of GRID IN MOTION. This is just a working title I may change, it will most probably.
What I wanna see are not the usual posed fashion shots and uberpretty landscapes but people/avies in action, moving about the grid. Avies using vehicles like boats, cars, bikes, planes, helis, rockets, starships, airships, hoverboards, skates, whatever. The means of transport isn't as important as the overall expression of movement as expressed in your photos.

It shall be an exhibition by many artists, so nobody has to fill the whole gallery with pics; one is enough to become part of the "movement". But let's not forget the art factor. I don't want to showcase just action shots but works of artistic value! You are free to use any means of postproduction.

I reserve the right to filter and toss pictures I deem unfitting.

For this exhibition I'll do the hanging myself so please send me just the unframed files/textures with a mention of the size/ratio (1x1, 4x3, 16x9 etc) with FULL PERMS. You just gotta trust me that I won't abuse them ;)

Some things to consider:
I guess you're all familiar with how to get the best quality in photos. For the exhibition I need some details though.
Full name of your avatar
Full name(s) of featured model(s), picture title, location (if available)
Please send your photo(s) in a notecard containing also those details. Name the notecard "in Motion - Your Name"

- Will I get paid?
No. But you may rez a tipjar and / or sell copies of your photo.
- Is my photo guaranteed to be exhibited?
- How much rights do I have to decide about how my photo is to be shown?
- Will it be great, fun, worthwile?
Yes, yes and yes!
- What do I have to do in order to participate?
Make the best photo(s), send it / them to Orc Flotta. Time to send pictures starts noe. Deadline will be 1st of september 2012. Opening of the exhibition is planned for end of september.

Montag, 18. Juni 2012


The Child (for my friend, FirleFanz) Zandor Zane

There is a child that walks amongst the darker side, with an old soul seeking something she shall never find, for it is of a younger moment in time when the roses were in full bloom, not as they are now, blackened in the vase.

For what does this sweet child know of insanity? She plays amongst the ruins of others’ misery hoping to experience life, but how can she? She has not felt the pain of full darkness nor the knives seeking ways of cutting out the future. Maybe once she feels these things, then she will have a small taste of me.

I look into the eyes of this child and see the reason she stays this way, the hurt and the fear of what it is like to grow up. She looks at me and I feel the trembling. Maybe she really sees me.

I know despair and I hear the voices from the deepest corners of my mind, though I desire sanity, it evades me. It is only when I walk amongst moonflowers in the snow do I begin to touch the cloth of peace. It is only when I hear the snow falling amongst the pine, the voices become whispers. Maybe the child hears me.

The only time I know joy is when I am with Esme, sweet goddess of the moon. For she keeps my soul safe from him, my former master, the devourer of my sanity.  But she can’t keep him at bay for long. I yearn for a permanent peace… Maybe this child can help me.

There has been no other to love me, but many have feared me. Then Esme entered my life showing me what love is truly meant to be, a place of peace, of unconditional caring. I glance at the child and see a small glimmer of hope, of desire to be free of ancient fears. Maybe this child could love me.

new art work


Chinese Store

Green Lanterns

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Marcus Inkpen - artist

See Marcus´ art installations The Returning on LEA 17  Marcus Inkpen explores the spiritual connection we once experienced, as an integral part of life, now lost - but lying in wait for our return.
It is not allowed to fly so if you are falling into the water you have to scramble. But you can use the tour HUD, being given out at the landing point.

Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

news from LEA

The LEA sim has one more art installation.  DB Bailey has created a surrealistic micro world. Enter it by passing a bridge and dive into colours and objects. I have taken the snapshots with a night setting in the environment editor.

Have you ever thought about taking part in an art competition? UWA - the Second Life presence of the University of Western Australian  - offers a challenge. Limited to 110 prims per art work and 1 art work per artist you can take part with your creations. See more details on their blog. The prizes are no micro items: 100,000 L$ for the Grand Prize and 60,000 L$ for the art work that  best reflects the spirit of the UWA Centenary. Deadline is the 3rd of July. So hurry up! Take your hammers and paint brushes and start building your sculptures!

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Café der Literaten

Does the name sound German? Yes. But the location isn´t. Julianna Juliesses´s café offers English readings in a cosy setting. It is a room in the Chelsea Hotel. On facebook you can see when there are events.

Take the taxi to the literature café:

Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

light & shadow vernissage

Last night was .... WOW! Simply wow! La Baroque and LookAtMy Back had invited me to Colore Art Gallery to show my work and they have hosted a great event. Visitors for more than two hours, an interested audience, partly funny, partly phylosophical discussions about art. My RL avie was pretty nervous and busy with hyperactive typing on the keyboard.  Thanks to all who came, who supported me with compliments and questions about my work and BIG thanks to Look and La - gallery owners, artist scouts, koinuppers, photographers, friends.

Deep in discussion: FirleFanz, nessuno Thespian, LookAtMy Back and the lady ... oh, she was made from concrete ?!?

... ah noooo ... it is La Grande Dame des Artes La Baroque

Phiosopher Dings Digital

Steampunky gentleman Kueperpunk Korhonen from the Kafé KrümelKram

Artist ChapTer Kronfeld

Kimm Paulino, great Koinupper and photographer

Lady in blue and artist with an eyecatching oevre Möwe Winkler

The visitors came from far away like ReginN from Japan ...

... and from heaven. Rasende Reporterin Quan Lavender.

Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Grand Opening

My second exhibition in Second Life. I am so happy to be invited by LookAtMy Back ans La Baroque to the Colore Art Gallery. Don´t miss the Grand Opening tomorrow June 12th 2 pm SL time (23 MEZ).

Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

lyrical moments

Zandor Zane will be reading in the Kafé KrümelKram.
16th of June 2912 at 2 pm PDT - 22 MEZ


I am not that ballet fan but watching Petah and the Wolf in Cat´s music circus was amazing. It is based on Sergei Prokofjew´s fairytale. Performer was the Independent Ballet.