Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

time-capturing fog

Time -
past, today, future seconds, 
minutes, years 

Fog over my memories 
fog capturing my time 
my past and my tomorrow 

Time is real 
time is only in my mind 
timewasting my memories 

And in the end 
there are only memories 
and fog of forgetfulness 

From ticking to silence
I have joined the Gaphic Dreams group on Koinup. They request not only arty pictures but a suitable text, too. So I have started to do some lyrical experiments in English. That is not so easy if you are a non-native speaker.  They regularly select one Koinupper fron the group to showcase his / her work. The last winner was Yasha with his amazing art work. Aaaaand you can win 200.000 L$ .... oops sorry ... THAT was definetly a graphic dream ....

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