Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

rust, rust, rust


Rowan Derryth curates a urban styled apocalyptic sim on LEA 1 - A Rusted Development. Rust everywhere! Today at 2 pm PDT is the grand opening with music by Skye Galaxy. Rowan worked together with many well-known artists: Haveit Neox who coordinated the installation, Rose Borchovski, PJ Trenton, Claudia222 Jewell, Bryn Oh and some more. Haveit has written a short story on which is based the installation. Read it below.

The fabled merchant city that rode atop the back of a gigantic whale met with a calamity that ended its existence abruptly. In the middle of the ocean, a horrific storm caused two huge ships carrying toxic chemicals to collide into the swimming whale city. The whale and all the populace died in the flood of chemicals that saturated the waves. The whale turned to bones, and the city to rust, it was nearly half a century before this city adrift was discovered. An expedition of artists, searching for land to build an art colony, came upon the decomposing city. With the intent to regenerate the place, they set to work by first towing to safe harbor the floating mass. Each artist then undertook their vision. The empty shell of the city suddenly filled in and expanded as each artist found their niche in the Rusted Development. No longer at the mercy of invisibility, the city humbles its rusted façade to the highlights of the art within. 

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