Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012


Damn! I´ve got a cane on my head. OUCH Dings Digital! Couldn´t you throw it a bit lower ??? Hmmm ... Throwing a cane means: someone (a blog owner) asks you five questions and you have to ask five questions to another blogger. It is a pyramid scheme but nevertheless some fun. So I will post the rules and then select some other bloggers. The rules:
  1. Set a link to the blogger who has given you the cane
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Then throw the cane on five other bloggers.
  4. Tell these persons that they have received a cane.
  5. Ask five new questions.
Here are my questions asked by Dings Digital.
  1. Design or freebie?
  2. Do you have a favoured environment light in SL?
  3. Did you visit other virtual worlds and if yes - which was your favourite?
  4. A book, a picture or a piece of music saying something great about nature?
  5. Which is the niciest mistake, the most popular tic in SL?
Here are my answers:
  1. I love to collect freebies because it makes me feel like a pirat hunting for hidden treasure chests - as far as they are good freebies. But I love well created steampunk stuff, too, and I mostly have to pay for it. 
  2. "Radio Nostalgia", "Wastelands", "TOR FOGGY golden glow"
  3. I visited Twinity long time ago but I didn´t like it because it is less creative than SL. 
  4. I love the illustrated books of the GEO magazine about landscapes or animals or wheather. So great pictures! So much details to discover!
  5. Crunched or dearranged avatars after a teleport.
Okay .... now MY questions. Related to my hobby I selected some topics from the domain of photo:
  1. Do you like to combine RL with SL pictures? (Maybe an RL background and an SL scenery.)
  2. Do you think SL pictures can be kind of art or is it just a copy of another´s art work / creation?
  3. How much time do you spend weekly on taking SL photos and working in gimp / photoshop on them?
  4. Could you imagine to print and then to exhibit SL pictures for an RL audience?
  5. Do you discuss with other SL photographers or do you exchange expiriences with them?
And my cane wanders to .... (DUCK YOUR HEAD !!!)
  1. Quan Lavender
  2. Apmel
  3. ChapTer Kronfeld
  4. Honour McMillan
Happy answering!


Apmel hat gesagt…

Nice company of cane recievers I find myself in here.

One thing though. You don´t seem to have followed the first rule: Set a link to the blogger who has given you the cane!


FirleFanz Roxley hat gesagt…

hmmm .... noooo I have linked the throwing blog - please have a closer look to Dings Digital

Apmel hat gesagt…

I see that now.. sorry :)
AND I answered your questions: