Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012


I have received an invitation to the exhibition of Aloisio Congrejo to the COLORE Art Gallery. Jazzing - The colors of jazz is a huge art installation which can be entered. It varies in light and colour. I haven´t taken many pictures because my computer had to struggle with the actual SL lag, the loading textures and the amount of avatars visiting the event. But I have met so many great Koiuppers. That was really exciting. And I talked to LookAtMy Back, the King of Steampunk (quotation GuineV - and she was so right! - quotation me). He told me that I have been invited by him and La Baroque for taking part in an exhibition at the COLORE art gallery in june. Wow - BIG WOW - FAT WOW. I am happy!

I could take some little snapshots from Koinuppers and three pics are good enough to be blogged here. Have a look!
"Master of Darkness" Kimm Paulino, "King of Steampunk" LookAtMy Back, "Grande Dame" La Baroque and me 1, me 2, me 3 (titles added and invented by Me)

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