Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

travelling for art

Artistide Despres has designed one of the LEA sims. I have taken photos for Quan´s Travelogues. See more pictures on her blog and read the interesting interview with the artist speaking about her themes.

Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

The Eagleman Stag

Short film by Mikey Please. He used models made from foam to create the characteres and it took him countless hours of catching the positions with the camera. The story is based on an old man´s apperception of time and how to change it. The film has won the British Academy Film Award 2011.

meeting a poem writer

SL can be amazing. Yesterday I met Zandor Zane. He is a lyric writer and he has written a poem for me. So with a little luck he will be reading in our Kafé KrümelKram.

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012


Damn! I´ve got a cane on my head. OUCH Dings Digital! Couldn´t you throw it a bit lower ??? Hmmm ... Throwing a cane means: someone (a blog owner) asks you five questions and you have to ask five questions to another blogger. It is a pyramid scheme but nevertheless some fun. So I will post the rules and then select some other bloggers. The rules:
  1. Set a link to the blogger who has given you the cane
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Then throw the cane on five other bloggers.
  4. Tell these persons that they have received a cane.
  5. Ask five new questions.
Here are my questions asked by Dings Digital.
  1. Design or freebie?
  2. Do you have a favoured environment light in SL?
  3. Did you visit other virtual worlds and if yes - which was your favourite?
  4. A book, a picture or a piece of music saying something great about nature?
  5. Which is the niciest mistake, the most popular tic in SL?
Here are my answers:
  1. I love to collect freebies because it makes me feel like a pirat hunting for hidden treasure chests - as far as they are good freebies. But I love well created steampunk stuff, too, and I mostly have to pay for it. 
  2. "Radio Nostalgia", "Wastelands", "TOR FOGGY golden glow"
  3. I visited Twinity long time ago but I didn´t like it because it is less creative than SL. 
  4. I love the illustrated books of the GEO magazine about landscapes or animals or wheather. So great pictures! So much details to discover!
  5. Crunched or dearranged avatars after a teleport.
Okay .... now MY questions. Related to my hobby I selected some topics from the domain of photo:
  1. Do you like to combine RL with SL pictures? (Maybe an RL background and an SL scenery.)
  2. Do you think SL pictures can be kind of art or is it just a copy of another´s art work / creation?
  3. How much time do you spend weekly on taking SL photos and working in gimp / photoshop on them?
  4. Could you imagine to print and then to exhibit SL pictures for an RL audience?
  5. Do you discuss with other SL photographers or do you exchange expiriences with them?
And my cane wanders to .... (DUCK YOUR HEAD !!!)
  1. Quan Lavender
  2. Apmel
  3. ChapTer Kronfeld
  4. Honour McMillan
Happy answering!

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

time-capturing fog

Time -
past, today, future seconds, 
minutes, years 

Fog over my memories 
fog capturing my time 
my past and my tomorrow 

Time is real 
time is only in my mind 
timewasting my memories 

And in the end 
there are only memories 
and fog of forgetfulness 

From ticking to silence

Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

rust, rust, rust


Rowan Derryth curates a urban styled apocalyptic sim on LEA 1 - A Rusted Development. Rust everywhere! Today at 2 pm PDT is the grand opening with music by Skye Galaxy. Rowan worked together with many well-known artists: Haveit Neox who coordinated the installation, Rose Borchovski, PJ Trenton, Claudia222 Jewell, Bryn Oh and some more. Haveit has written a short story on which is based the installation. Read it below.

The fabled merchant city that rode atop the back of a gigantic whale met with a calamity that ended its existence abruptly. In the middle of the ocean, a horrific storm caused two huge ships carrying toxic chemicals to collide into the swimming whale city. The whale and all the populace died in the flood of chemicals that saturated the waves. The whale turned to bones, and the city to rust, it was nearly half a century before this city adrift was discovered. An expedition of artists, searching for land to build an art colony, came upon the decomposing city. With the intent to regenerate the place, they set to work by first towing to safe harbor the floating mass. Each artist then undertook their vision. The empty shell of the city suddenly filled in and expanded as each artist found their niche in the Rusted Development. No longer at the mercy of invisibility, the city humbles its rusted façade to the highlights of the art within. 

Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Sichtweisen - perception

RL artist ChapTer Kronfeld - writer, painter and sculpture creator - has opened his new gallery in virtual Munich. Different views on life, art or certain aspects lead to different interpretations. Have a look on his three-dimensional pictures.

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012


I have received an invitation to the exhibition of Aloisio Congrejo to the COLORE Art Gallery. Jazzing - The colors of jazz is a huge art installation which can be entered. It varies in light and colour. I haven´t taken many pictures because my computer had to struggle with the actual SL lag, the loading textures and the amount of avatars visiting the event. But I have met so many great Koiuppers. That was really exciting. And I talked to LookAtMy Back, the King of Steampunk (quotation GuineV - and she was so right! - quotation me). He told me that I have been invited by him and La Baroque for taking part in an exhibition at the COLORE art gallery in june. Wow - BIG WOW - FAT WOW. I am happy!

I could take some little snapshots from Koinuppers and three pics are good enough to be blogged here. Have a look!
"Master of Darkness" Kimm Paulino, "King of Steampunk" LookAtMy Back, "Grande Dame" La Baroque and me 1, me 2, me 3 (titles added and invented by Me)

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

lyric and art

On May 17th at 11.00 am PDT the new gallery at the Kafé KrümelKram will be welcoming its first guests. Pol Jarvinen, Numero5 and Samina Mortensen will be showing art work. Four German poem authors will be presenting their lyrical texts.

Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

comic world

Halloween Town is a dark comic world region in Second Life. Very worth to be visited!
A creepy surrounding leads you into a nightmare walk
This cozy coffin makes you feel like a young and fresh little vampire sleeping his afternoon nap.
Most of the creations are available in the nearby shop for mini money
Spooky agriculture invites for a relaxing walk through the fields. Keep away from the hungry pumpkins!
Really nice audience, isn´t it?

HERE you can reach Halloween Town 
Ever thought about visiting a comic gallery? HERE you will find Cat Tales, another comic related place in SL.

Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

connecting five continents with literature

On May 5th 2012 the literatrure group Brennende Buchstaben will be hosting a great event. Five authors from five continents will be reading in the Kafé KookieKrum (Kafé KrümelKram) in Second Life. They start at 2 pm PDT (23 MEZ). They will take over the literature world beginning with Israel (Guy Hasson reading for Asia) to Ghana (Jonathan Elorm Dotse reading for Africa) over Argentina (Gustavo Bondoni reading for South America) and Canada (Ahmed A. Khan reading for Norteh America) to Germany (Michael Iwoleit reading for Europe). Main theme is science fiction and they will be reading in English.

And have a look to Honour McMillan´s blog for a detailed comment. And please have a second look on the Israelian online magazine Midnight East. They, too, bring the literature event on mind.

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012