Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

wandering through steampunk town

This steampunk town in France is really worth to be visited. I havn´t still discovered very detail and every location on the sim so I must go back and take a 2nd, 3rd, ... trip.

Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

Ghostly homes

Ghostly homes? Homes for ghosts? Homes with ghosts? Who knows ... Photographer Kevin Baumann has taken pictures from 103 abandoned houses. See more on his site 100 Abandoned Houses.

Lonely in a grey little town

Well ... I was playing with with Gimp and these pics are the outcome.

Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010

AusFlug - short story in pictures

Yesterday I received a call. The government needed my help. They assumed mysterious things going on in an abandoned asylum. So I left my beloved home - FirleFanz´ RamShackle Hut -, started my FirleFanz-O-Mobil and travelled by air to the corpus delicti.

Some hours later I reached the asylum, a lonely building, left years ago.

Before entering the entrance I decided to make a tour around the building to check out if there were any dangerous whatevers ...

What happened to the driver of this truck? Someone must have missed him. Or the truck.

Okay, I had to prepare for the landing and then I parked my FirleFanz-o-Mobil next to the bus stop.

Nobody there - except these two dark ravens. "Hey guys!"

Silence everywhere. The guys were not really communicative. They continued staring at me while I was stepping on the staircase.

A lonely couch in a wasted room. What does that mean? I guessed the room hadn´t been left years ago but hours ago. Someone still lives here ...

On the ground floor I discovered the patient´s bed. I could feel a warmness on the pillow. I WAS NOT ALONE ...

Okay - I found the truck driver. He had a tea party with his murderer. To whom belongs that handwriting?

I left the asylum to go back to my RamShackle Hut. I made a short stop by the bus stop. I needed to think about what I had discovered. And I must analyse the collected information. More riddles than answers ...

Then I saw the little cigarette box. Like a blizzard it flashed into my brain: Marly Hoss, infamous serial killer of truck drivers, was a smoker of this brand. He left this paper box as a sign for me. Ha! I got it! Hoss - this will be your last crime.

Damn ... I have forgotten to stop the motor of the FirleFanz-O-Mobil. It has left. Wish it has a Hasselhoff Function "Kit, please pick me up at the entrance ..." "Okay Michael." No problem. I will sit down and wait for the bus. Hmmm ... I can hear the raven´s screams. Feeling a bit lonely. The wind is howling over the asphalt. And behind me steps on the staircase ...

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