Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010


"Waiting" - My Robot Friend (feat. Jay Kauffman) from MakeMakeStudio on Vimeo.

Industrial beauty

Magnitka. Camera man's cut. from Sasha Aleksandrov on Vimeo.

Shot in Magnitogorsk. The footage was edited in precise correspondence with the sequence of technical operations in sheet metal manufacturing at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Factory. The result is a serious film with deeply transcendent subject matter. This is a film in its own right, but you might also consider it a trailer. A director's cut might be coming soon...
Отснятый в Магнитогорске материал смонтирован в строгом соответствии с последовательностью технологических операций при производстве листовой стали на Магнитогорском металлургическом комбинате - получился серьёзный фильм с глубоким трансцендентным содеражанием. Это самостоятельная работа, но можно рассматривать и как трэйлер - может быть скоро выйдет режиссёрская версия монтажа.

Music: "Totem" by Klaus Schulze

Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010

Live Reading: a music addicted vampire

Yesterday at the famous Kafé KrümelKram there was a live reading by the German author Oliver Buslau. He introduced the audience to his newest book - a fantasy story about a music addicted vampire living in Cologne. Der Vampir von Melaten is located in Cologne. The very old graveyard Melaten (from French malade for sick - is kind of hot spot. SumSum larnia appeared in her cute outfit "undead bride".


Gestern las im legendären Kafé KrümelKram der deutsche Autor Oliver Buslau. Er stellte dem Publikum sein neues Buch Der Vampir von Melaten
vor. Die Geschichte ist in Köln angesiedelt. Der uralte Melatenfriedhof - aus dem Französischen von malade für krank - spielte eine wichtige Rolle. SumSum larnia erschien in ihrem niedlichen Kleid "untote Braut".

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Voice Morphing

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Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

Linden Lab cuts jobs

About 100 jobs are planned to be cut at second life company Linden Lab. OpenSim, facebook, Diaspora, Safebook, Twitter3d - all are serious competitors.
Second-Life-Betreiber Linden Lab plant rund 100 Stellen zu streichen.

hier geht´s zum Artikel in der Süddeutschen

Montag, 7. Juni 2010


This is not a steampunkish computer but a comptometer.
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elderly robots

When robots are getting old someone has to take care for them. There are special retiremt homes for them and they can use whelchairs designed for their individual needs such as supporting an oil changing catheter.


Wenn Roboter in die Jahre kommen, muss man sich um sie kümmern. Es gibt gute Roboterseniorenheime und speziell für roboterige Bedürfnisse konstruierte Rollstühle mit Ölwechselkathetern.

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