Dienstag, 24. August 2010

trip to the zoo

Yesterday in San Francisco: I took the tram to visit the zoo. Fine wheather and a balmy breeze.

"Hey what´s that? An old lady eaten by a crocodile! How funny!"

"Very cool shot! Thank you lady."

"Oh and there? A crocodile shooten by a gentleman. You should have taken the lady out of the croco´s tummy first..."

Arrival. Welcome to the zoo! Must catch butterflies, beetles and whatever is flying around me with my Necon.

Grey cattle - interesting.

"Yes sir, you are looking great with th grey cattle in the background. Noooo, nooo there is no furious bull behind you ... no... this noise is caused ...by... ehhmm ... a car! Don´t move please. Will be a great photo!" CLICK

Enough animals for today. Leaving the zoo and walking over to the stairs to enter the platform for a better overview.

Phew ... The first 250 steps of about 678 on my way to the best photo.

Oh it was worth, wasn´t it?

San Francisco at night. Nothing left to say.

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