Dienstag, 24. August 2010


I went to the station and bought a freebie train. (Great chances in SL, eh?) At Tuliptree was my start location. Others are possible.

Okay let´s go! My Necon is looking forward to getting the ultimative SHOT. Thanks to my bestest of bestest friends for this gift!

I left the train to take photos on the beach.

Lucky me - I catched an amazing dawn.

Ahhh crabs on my feet .... I do not avoid any danger to get the best pic!

Wow ... I must get the lighthouse on the photo!

Hey little fishies on the ground ...

What´s overthere? Ice bears? Aqua-unicorns? Nessie?


Please don´t move, ladies and gentlemen penguins!

Please don´t move! It will be the best photo ever. No no ... there is no ice bear behind you ... trust me. Don´t move ...

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