Freitag, 4. September 2009

Berlin 1920

Beim Spaziergang durchs Berlin der Goldenen Zwanziger ließ ich mir den Duft einer besonderen Zeit um die (virtuelle) Nase wehen.


While walking through the 1920ies Berlin I enjoyed the atmosphere of a very special era.

Hier geht´s nach Berlin:
Your ticket to Berlin:

-- Instant-Message-Protokoll aktiviert --
[10:12] Jo Yardley: Hello!
Welcome to our 1920s Berlin project!
This is not a automatic response, I am the owner of this sim.
I am sorry but your are not following the rules of our sim, you are in some way unrealistic or unauthentic for 1920s berlin.
We ask our visitors to look like someone who belongs on the streets of 1920s Berlin to create a authentic historical atmosphere for everyone.
You can get free clothes at the entrance and change your avatar there if needed.
If you would like a notecard with all our rules, I will gladly give you a copy.
[10:13] Jo Yardley: Please follow our rules, we promise visitors and people who actually pay rent to live here a 1920s atmosphere and modern clothes kind of ruin that.
Please return to the entrance and be so kind to slip into something more authentic or I will be forced to eject you.
If you do not respond to my messages I will also eject you, I have to make sure our other guests and tenants have a authentic historical experience here I will if I have to.
[10:13] FirleFanz Roxley: danke sehr nett
[10:13] FirleFanz Roxley: hatte gerade über berlin gebloggt
[10:14] Jo Yardley: toll, darf ich die link?

Ja so kann´s gehen. Stand gerade in einem Laden, um mich einzukleiden, da kam diese unfreundliche Androhung. So "gewinnt" man Kunden. (Den Link habe ich der Dame zugesandt.)

That´s it. I was standing in a shop to get new clothes when I received this unfriendly message. This is the way to "get" new customers. (I have sent the link to that lady.)

Das hier kam, als ich den Link verschickt hatte.
I received this after sending the link.

[2009/09/04 10:15] Jo Yardley: wo ist deiner blog?
[2009/09/04 10:21] FirleFanz Roxley:
[2009/09/04 10:21] Jo Yardley: hahahaha
-- Instant-Message-Protokoll aktiviert --
[10:22] Jo Yardley: you know that sharing IM chat is against SL policy?
[10:22] FirleFanz Roxley: and ?
[10:23] Jo Yardley: well i was being polite but you sharing that is rude and i could complain against that with Linden Labs.
[10:23] FirleFanz Roxley: polite?
[10:23] Jo Yardley: yes very!
[10:23] FirleFanz Roxley: aha
[10:23] FirleFanz Roxley: then let me tell my blog fans how polite you are
[10:24] Jo Yardley: there are a lot of signs, you get a note with the rules and you still walk in and when I politely remind you of the rules you react in this manner
[10:24] FirleFanz Roxley: yepp
[10:25] Jo Yardley: well have fun on SL that way
[10:25] FirleFanz Roxley: thanks

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